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Sep 1, 2015

A little confession. I can be a little OCD and that really shines when i am getting ready for a shoot. I love checking out a location prior to a session so I can hand-pick my favorite locations in advance and ensure the light is falling where I expect it to. Scouting is a blast because A. we don’t have to spend time guessing/figuring it out during your shoot and B. I can drag along my hubbs and make an adventure out of it! Next week we have a family shoot coming up so we went to do a quick walk through. They asked for an urban location they hadn’t tried before and I immediately knew I wanted the session to be in Carnegie. If you haven’t been there yet, you need to venture out and it is worth leaving the city border. There are beautiful details lining the streets, delicious restaurants, one of my favorite coffee shops, and many other special shops that make this area unique. I’m sure I’ll talk more about some of my must-see spots in the area, but for now… here are some shots from our fun scout in Carnegie! Can’t wait to come back next week.



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